Be The Best Guitar Player You Can Be!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a guitar player? For those of us who weren’t born with a natural talent to be a music prodigy, we would like to learn what it’s like in the shoes of someone who can play a guitar effortlessly song after song. One of the first things we have to is realize that there are psychological barriers we stump ourselves on. These barriers can be removed with ease only under one condition.. IF WE THINK WE CAN GET OVER OUR OWN MENTAL BARRIERS!!!

Some of things people get hung up on before ever picking up a guitar are as follows:

  • we think we aren’t one those naturally born musician
  • we think we are too old or young to learn the guitar
  • we think it will take 10,000 hours to get a good playing the guitar
  • we think that only the pro’s can be excellent

Again, we have to tell ourselves that we can be good at playing the guitar before ever picking up a guitar. Once we overcome our psychological barriers, it’s time actually learn how to play the guitar!

Getting used to a guitar takes “some time” (define some time based on the individuals natural affinity and personal determination). Our hands have to get used to movements, vibrations and timing that we normally don’t ever use in our daily life. With that being said, in order to used to a guitar we have mess around with the guitar. Initially, we have to place the guitar at the right position in our arms. Then we target our fingers and have to get used to the guitar strings. Play with the different cords to the point where you start to develop an understanding of the different sounds the guitar makes. This part takes the most time to get used to as there a wide array of sounds that a guitar can make. The biggest factor here is that we spend a proper amount of time to the point where we can predict what sound the guitar makes based upon the action of the fingers. Getting good with our strumming hand will take at least one day since that’s the most important hand and is primary control of the guitar.

Songs that you can play within a hour of practice!!

  • Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash – Youtube
  • Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett – YouTube
  • Last Kiss by Pearl Jam – Youtube

Remember, don’t get frustrated. That’s part of learning. Good luck!!!